Ok, so spring isn’t here quite yet

Cold temps are back for the next few days and we found a stash of Cannondale cold weather clothes and accessories! Coincidence? Perhaps, but its tough to argue with 50% off balaclavas, gloves, wool caps, arm warmers, jackets, pants, and more!cannondale sale clothes

Spring is just around the corner!

Now is the time to start thinking about getting your ride tuned up for the season or upgrading to a brand new rig. 2015 bikes from Specialized and Salsa are showing up every week. And that means that a lot of still brand spanking new 2014 (and older) bikes are now on sale, including some over $1000 off MSRP! Check out the listings on the Specials page for more details on models and prices!

Welcome to the new website!

In the spirit of getting you the latest updates on shop events, cool new products, industry news, or just what’s going on in the local cycling scene, we’ve given our website a new look and a new layout. Check back for more features and updates coming soon! Like what you see? Friend us on Facebook and tell us what you think.

Salsa Mukluk Fork Recall

Living in Alaska poses unique challenges to what comes off as simple down in the L48. For example, its a little tough to swing by your local bike shop (i.e., us) when you’re out in Bethel or Kotz or Aniak. So, to help those brave souls riding their Mukluks where the roads don’t go, we whipped up a quick video to show you how to inspect your forks to see if they fall under the recall from Salsa Cycles found here.