Winter is coming (and fast)!

There’s snow in the forecast for the next few days so now’s the time to fill any gaps you have in your cold weather gear and to make sure your bike is ready for the coming winter riding season. We’ve got studded tires in the most popular sizes in stock to keep the rubber side down and a good selection of warm clothing and accessories to keep you warm and comfortable.



Previously loved bikes

Sometimes people want to trade up to a new bike and sometimes people have to leave their bikes that we repaired due to unforeseen circumstances. However it happens, we seem to always have a few previously ridden bikes around looking for a good home. They’re tuned up, ready to ride, and have a lot of miles left in them. You can find a short description of our current selection on the “Used” page under the “Specials” link a the top of the page.

P1020403 P1020399